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Building A Home For The First Time

Apart from the people who choose to buy a ready built home, there is a category that saves up and gets loans to build one from scratch on a property they have purchased. Here are 4 tips for such home builders.
Choosing a location
The main factor when choosing a piece of land is whether you can see yourself living in that spot for years from now. A house is an investment and isn’t like renting an apartment or annex to live in temporarily. The other factors are climate or the region and area, the ground stability to build, the utilities around the area and also the kind of neighbourhood/locality that you need.
In addition to this, see whether you will be able to find builders to construct your house in that area. If you are shifting to a long distant place, the builders in your present location might not want to travel so far.
Designing the home
Once you have decided on buying off plan property to build the home, consult with an architect or a group of architects to plan the infrastructure and interiors of your home. Choose a company with a good reputation as you wouldn’t want to have a house with an unstable base that will break at a strong storm. The best thing to do is consult with a professional that will work alongside you to achieve good results. Once you consult a professional, sit and design the number or rooms, bedrooms, the outline of the kitchen the layout of the living room etc. if you need some inspiration, buy a bunch of home magazines to help you out. Nevertheless, the architects will be experienced personnel who will sort this out for you.
Settling the required permits
Building a house is not only paying the cash and sealing the deal. You will have to consult with a notary or a solicitor, register any required documents and so on. If you are using a construction loan, have all the documents in line and also a duly completed form. Buy property off plan and land will lead you to a legal department where you will have to get the land under your ownership and this will take you about one month at most. In most areas, you will need to get a construction permit as well. For this, your construction company will need to supply you with the architectural diagrams and other documents like plumbing and electrical permit to be given to the housing department. This would depend on the place of living.
Installing essentials and furnishing
Once the house is completed, you will need to start the furnishing and installing process. You can either do this yourself or get an interior designer to help out. Installing items like bathtubs, kitchen cupboards, sinks etc. must be done through professional hands. You might also want to paint walls and do flooring if your construction company has not done this. It is best if you leave such work to a professional. When fitting the bathroom supplies, be sure to ask the plumber to check if the connections are anchored in and that there aren’t any leakages. Before switching on the utilities such as gas stove and electrical appliances, ask your technicians to examine for any faults.