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The Many Different Types Of Translator Services

There is a general conception that translation services include translating scripts, documents, books etc., from one language to another. While this would have been true in the past, currently translators are involved in a lot more than just translation. And in the future, their bouquet of services is likely to expand further.

Translation of course remains the primary job of companies and individuals offering translation services. But specialisation in different fields has increased. Hence now a person has the option of choosing an English translator or a legal translator, a website translator etc. This difference between the concept and reality is actually a result of globalisation. Due to the opportunities presented by this phenomenon, translation services too have undergone a sea-change to emerge as what it is today.

Translator types and their area of specialisation

• Law translator: With new markets to venture into, the need for a legal translator was enormously felt. These translators deal with the translation of the articles of association, licenses and legal rulings, contracts etc.

• Technical translator: These translators specialise in areas related to anything technical be it scientific, financial or engineering related. Hence they are mostly required to translate instruction manuals, catalogues, product factsheets etc.

• Business translator: As the name suggests, these translators are actively involved in the translation of documents related to

o Exports and imports

o Manufacturers and

o Retailers

While a background in business administration or functioning is not a pre-requisite, it can be very helpful in making translators understand the implications of the legal and commercial side of their work.

• Website translator: this is the most important requirement of a globalised market today. More and more people are getting acquainted with the benefits and advantages of online shopping. Hence there is an immense requirement for people to translate the website content into different languages of the world. This job is done by the website translators.

• Official translator: This type of translator is one who has to work mostly with sensitive documents. These translated documents like driving licences, birth certificated etc., upon translation, work just like their original counterparts. Hence these official translators are also known as certified or notarised translators.

• Fast translator: They are so called as they come with a guarantee to translate whatever is given within a period of 24hours. They change a very high fee which gets steeper if the document translation is to be done in less time.

With so many different areas of specialisation, people opting for these services should choose that particular service which most suits his business or job at hand. This becomes even more important considering the fact that services from these specialised translators can only be availed off at a pretty higher price.