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Planning Your Own Birthday Party

While all of us spent our childhood waiting to grow up, there are only some who enjoy adulthood more, now that it has arrived. Most people like to reminisce about the days when life was spent with no thoughts of responsibility. Along with the freedom that disappears with the end of childhood you also lose the luxury of someone else planning your birthday party for you. Unless someone throws you a surprise party, you may have to end up organizing your own. Here’s how to do it.

Find a Place

If you are lucky enough to have enough space in your house, or apartment, then go ahead and move onto the other stuff. However if that is not the case, then you may need to start looking for a place to throw your party at. Ask a friend who has a good place for a favour, and borrow it for a day. In return promise to clean up and put everything back in place once the party is done. Link here to gain ideas about printing services.Pick a Date

Before inviting people you will actually need to pick a date. Talk to your closest friends and the people that you want to be there at your party, and pick a date when most of them can come. It is okay if the day you pick is not your actual birthday. What matters is that it is convenient for everyone, and that includes you as well.

Invite People

Once the date has been set, start inviting people as soon as possible. This will ensure that most people will not schedule anything else on that day. While calling or personally inviting people is fine, it is better to give them a physical reminder of the event. Printing out invitations is the easiest option here. However most printing companies have a minimum quota on the number of invites that there are willing to print.

If the amount of people you will be inviting is less than that amount, you may have to make them by hand. Alternatively you could talk to some printing companies in Abu Dhabi and see if they have any generic invites that they sell, or if they have any leftover invites from a previous job, which have no specifics printed on them. In addition it is better to make a Facebook event that will act as an extra reminder to people, closer to the day.

Get Food and Drinks

Instead of wasting money on decorations, allocate the majority of your party budget on food and drinks. If the numbers are too big for you to cook, then order in some food from a reliable restaurant, or simply order in tons of yummy pizza. If you have a good set of friends, then you can even ask them to bring in one dish each. Make sure that the drinks are abundant too, and that everyone has an option, be it alcoholic, or non-alcoholic.