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Things To Consider Before Publishing A Book

May it be a novel, a biography, a manuscript; there are many a things to consider before publishing a book. It is easier said than done, obviously like everything out there. If you are a struggling writer who thinks your work should be put out to the world, then you must carefully look at all the problems that you might face. Even though Kim Kardashian’s book may be more popular than other serious books out there – it Is majorly because of the popularity they already have. It is a complete and total struggle for an aspiring writer to get their work published. Given below, are some things to consider. Check this out for more information about photographer Dubai.


What type of book is yours? And what is your target audience? It is important to ask yourself these questions before you enter the big leagues. It is vital to know as to who will read your book in order to market and advertise it later on. There are numerous genres out there from eclectic romance novels to futuristic novels. Know where your book stands in this vast array of types. Narrowing your target audience will help you to sell your books effectively and directly advertise it to them.


Have someone proof read your books. Publishing house and printing companies are very keen when it comes to the quality and the depth of your writing. They know the market and the 21st century reader very well. They also know that teenage vampire fiction will sell more when compared to autobiographies. And thus, your manuscript will be refused by many people if they think your work is not up to their standard. But it is always advised to start small, build yourself a name and work your way through.


Today, in the 21st century there are many platforms in which you can publish a book. From an e-book to a kindle to an actual paper back. It is important to know as to which format or platform would be best for your kind. All of these charge a fee, and are equally expensive. But if you are a traditional book lover, and want to publish a good old paper back, make sure you reach the right kind of printing companies in order to get the best deals, and even to market it.

Other Expenses

It is known that publishing is an expensive job. But it doesn’t stop there; for there are a large number of other expenses to be spent too. If you are planning on distributing your book and if you think it will be a successful hit in the market, then you must have an International Standard Book Number also known as the ISBN number. This is very costly, and also a paper back will require editing and design for the insides and the outside covers of the book which are a thumping amount too.

All in all, publishing a book is definitely one of the biggest risk you will take in your life; but, a risk worth taking. If you know in your heart and soul that your content is good, and that you will be the next biggest writer of the century, then it is best if you just go for it.