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Promote Gender Neutrality From The Very Start

In our day to day life almost everything is segregated by gender. If a male is seen to wear pink trousers, everyone would start questioning the sexuality of that person although nobody dares to raise their opinion on that mainly due to the fact that they can easily end up in courts. Even as children we have the ability to segregate colours and items for being for girls and for boys separately.
Scientists say that the brain of a male and the brain of female are much alike, which means that the differentiation of male products and female products, apart from cosmetic products and healthcare products, are caused due to the fact that from the moment we’re born we see segregation around us and the only way to obtain proper gender neutrality is by starting from the very beginning of a humans life.
How to remove the gender based segregation from society
A visit to a local toyshop would reveal how deep this gender segregation runs. Toys are organised into sections of boys and girls separately. If you show the colour pink to a five year old and ask whose colour is this, the five year old would immediately tell you that the colour pink is for girls. To remove this gender biasness in society, we need to make the next generation, yes our children, gender neutral.
The pronouns “he” and “she” are the simplest but one of the biggest causes for the gender segregation and should rather be replaced by a word like “it”. Yes it feels very weird when you do replace “she” and “him” by “it” which explains why gender biasness runs so deeply. Sweden has launched nurseries and preschools that promotes gender neutrality. The methods they use are to avoid using the pronouns “he” and “she” which have now being replaced by “friends” and “hen” which is a genderless pronoun. As David Cameron pledged to drive out gender inequality, it would help his cause if British nurseries in Dubai adopt a gender neutral stance as well.
Gender neutral British nurseries can effectively eliminate any gender inequality from the next generation of Britain’s population and those of other countries as well because if Britain adopts a gender neutral stance then it won’t be long before other countries follow that lead as well.
Why is it necessary to remove the gender segregation within society?
You would have already encountered a feminist, not a female pledged to prove women are better but someone who actually asks for equal rights. If you ask a feminist, you would get many points on how gender biasness effects women which includes the fact that females receive only 75% of what their male co-workers earn for the very same services. This is due to the fact that females receive more attention than males even as children, this causes them to be too “nice” to as for equal pay. Since boys received less attention, they are perceived as brave and refuses to accept help and talk about their problems, which explains why most suicide cases are those of a male with the percentage of males in suicide cases being more than 70%.