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Chosen As A Bridesmaid? Here Is Your Job Description!

For as long as we can remember, a wedding entourage has been quite normal in the Western world in particular. Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Page boys and Page girls with the Maid of Honour and Ring Bearer make a typical group, although this is not set in stone. If you have been asked to serve as a bridesmaid for a wedding, first of all congratulations! It is not an honour many have, and for someone to consider you important enough to be a prominent part of their wedding is quite something. Along with shopping, excitement and of course prepping for the big day, you need to also fulfill your responsibilities, as listed out below. Read this article to find out more about the professional wedding photographer that will capture the special moments of your wedding.


Whether you enjoy hopping from shop to shop or running around in general, right now your needs are not what is important. The bride has enough on her plate, and if she has reached out to you for help, you need to be accommodating. Most of the time, these errands may include finding dresses for yourself and/ or the other bridesmaids, mailing invitations, checking on the décor and so on. Usually, the bride likes to be hands-on with her day so she will not ask for your involvement in a big way such as the colour scheme, but you will need to help out with even the most unlikely of tasks, including wedding photos.


Wedding cake is of course one of the main features of the ceremony, and the bride cannot obviously ensure that everyone gets a piece of cake personally. Enter bridesmaids. Generally, all the bridesmaids fan out in groups and ensure that each person receives their share. They are also responsible for re-stocking the supply if they happen to run out (some do take more than the one piece after all!).


Whether your bride needs a makeup touch-up, tissues, or a zip done up you need to be there. That is after all why you are there. You need to ensure you are stocked with whatever she might need, and run around if need be. Split dress? Done. Band-Aids for shoe-cuts? Done. Primp hair for the wedding photos? No problem!


Yes this day is all about the bride, quite rightly so… however, the bridesmaids also have the power to leave a lasting impression on the day. From having fun, to creative poses for pictures and keeping the crowd entertained as well as ensuring the buffet is opened on time, a bridesmaid has a lot to do. The bride will be busy on her own, and will not have time to attend to each and every guest. This is where you will fit in, for a smooth flow on one of the most important days of the bride’s life!