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Types Of Marketing And Their Specialities

In today’s world, due to the vast amount of knowledge people tend to classify and sort things accordingly. Marketing is one of the sorted sects. It is the intermediate between the company’s products or services and the audience which are the consumers. For a good marketing system, a business needs to full-fill the 4- Ps of marketing namely; product, price, place and promotional strategy. Marketing is like a way the company uses to grasp the customers attention. Marketing is useful to increase revenue and reduce sales costs and this in turn brings a larger profit to the association/company. A carefully managed and created marketing is always the best way in promoting new products. There are more than 80 different types of marketing in the world. Each one is very distinct and has its own traits. Affinity, agriculture, alliance, cause, community, digital, global, joint venture, relationship, shoppers and experiential marketing are a few examples.
Alliance marketing
This is when one combines one or more companies who seek to have a mutual goal among one another and they discuss about the marketing strategies. This type of marketing also deals with promoting the idea of the products and services to the customers. This does not require a new product or brand name like joint venture marketing and can work with old products.
Content marketing
This type of marketing is very famous in today’s world. When a media or a publishing content like a book or CD is made and shared it requires content marketing to promote it to its customers. Blogs and e-books are one way books could be promoted. News, videos and podcasts can promote movies or news to its target audience. Red Bull is a very good example of a product that has become quite popular due to a good content marketing programme, where they post information about the product on T/V, YouTube and many advertisements in sports related events like the formula one races.
Other types of marketing
Experiential marketing in Dubai is used to bring a product/ service back to life. In case a product hasn’t gained enough popularity then with a little bit of brand managing and this type of marketing the product can start producing a lasting positive impression on its customers. Another type of marketing would be digital marketing. This marketing deal with promoting digital technologies and making sure the customer services and products produced get famous. Digital marketing is also termed as interactive marketing. The next type of marketing we will be looking at is global marketing. This is a way in which the global objectives are capable of meeting with the commercial advantages of the product. This type of marketing runs on a global scale worldwide.